Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex


Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex is a high-quality compound of 4 types of collagen that contains no GMOs, heavy metals or other toxins.

Collagen is an essential protein for keeping a youthful skin, strong nails, and healthy hair, joints and bones.

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Do you want youthful looks, want to feel great and confident?

Your body contains an extremely important protein that holds the top spot in the world of beauty.

It is a prodigal element of the body that:

  • nourishes skin and shapes it,
  • represents 70% of your skin, joint cartilage, bones and many other tissues,
  • supports the growth of healthy hair and nails,
  • positively affects your bowel health,
  • keeps you skin elastic, etc.

It can be said that it is the binder that holds you together and makes sure everything is snugly in its place.

The protein in question is COLLAGEN.

Unfortunately, your body produces less collagen with age

And it does so substantially!

By the time you reach 40 you’ve already lost 1/3 of all your stores.

And, logically, the consequence is quite evident…

Wrinkles, pores, soggy cheeks and skin above your knees, brittle nails and hair, aching joints…

This is why we created the collagen complex with a team of experts

At the moment, the collagen product market is a complete mess.

Lotions, potions, chocolates, major differences in prices, quality and quantity…

Unfortunately, most of the products are subpar and lightyears away from providing good assistance.

There’s plenty of issues… An incomplete formula, subpar ingredients, low content of active ingredients, products contain heavy metals.

It is all much more common that you can imagine.

This was the main reason we took matters into our own hands. And now, we can offer you a state-of-the-art collagen complex.

Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex is based on four of the latest discoveries.


The first, extremely important feature of the Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex is the form of collagen. Because our collagen is broken into smaller molecules (naturally hydrolyzed), it boasts an absorption rate of 90%. This is far better than in most products on the market.

This is crucial because it is not only important how much collagen you get into your body – it is above all important how much collagen your body absorbs and uses.

This is why one dose of Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex contains more than 4 grams of hydrolyzed collagen. This is considerably more than in most other products.


Of course, quantity is by far not the only advantage.

Various types of collagen that are in our complex also play an extremely important role.

Various types of collagen support various parts of your body. This is why it is crucial you find collagen that contains different types.

It is another thing that makes Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex stand out. It contains 3 different types of body-friendly peptides. They are:

  • hydrolyzed FISH collagen,
  • hydrolyzed BEE collagen


  • hydrolyzed EGG collagen.

By putting them all in our complex, we made it possible for the blend to contain all four essential collagen types (type I, III, V and X).


The already varied ingredients need extra support.


For the collagen to truly shine and for the body to make this protein as effectively as possible, we added the MSM, the so-called beauty mineral, to the compound. This will make sure your body will be extra effective in producing collagen.

MSM is an organic sulphur compound and is one of the basic elements that make up life. After calcium and phosphorus, sulphur is the third most common mineral in your body, and food is the only source.

Since we are pursuing a holistic approach, we did another thing. In order for you to see results ASAP, we enriched Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex with hyaluronic acid, known for its role in managing levels of water in tissue and its role as a lubricant.

You’ll probably not be surprised by the fact that individuals who have problems with dry, wrinkled and non-elastic skin, probably suffer from a lack of this highly important element.

We also added silica or silicon dioxide to the compound to make the entire formula perfect. This is an element that makes your joints run smoothly and you can enjoy your everyday activities.

The cherry on top of Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex is vitamin C, which has a role in:

  • creation of collagen for normal performance of skin,
  • creation of collagen for normal performance of bones,
  • creation of collagen for normal performance of cartilage,
  • creation of collagen for normal performance of teeth and gums.

We make a healthy lifestyle our top priority, which is why it is important to us that Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex becomes part of your everyday life. Above all, because you will get the best results with regular use.

This is the reason we do not put any artificial sweeteners, gluten or lactose into the product. Additionally, we follow our strict rule that the complex must not contain any heavy metals.

Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex has great flavour

We sweetened it with dates and blueberries.

Because of its pleasant flavour you can simply sprinkle it on a dish or mix it into water, lemonade or even a smoothie!

3 simple ways to include the collagen complex into your routine


Add it to a glass of water.

This is one of the easiest ways to regularly consume collagen, because it tastes nice. It is important to take it regularly to achieve the best results.


Mix it into a lemonade.

Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex quickly dissolves in cold OR hot drinks. This means that you can add it to drinks such as natural lemonade. This way you can increase your intake of vitamin C, which aids the creation of collagen, even more.


Mix it into your smoothie.

Do you love morning smoothies or protein shakes? Perfect! Add a scoop of Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex and you have a recipe for a great morning.


As a dietary supplement, add 2 scoops (11 g) of Golden Tree Premium Collagen Complex to 150-200 ml of liquid. You can use water, smoothies, juice or any other liquid of your choice.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

This food supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

Keep out of reach of children!

After opening, close the container tightly and store it in a dry, dark and cool place